Mining industry is undergoing challenging time and mining innovation is the way to go.  The  African mining industry is sitting at very tight space, specially with our own domestic economic conditions are doubled up with worldwide low turn mining cycle. Demand of innovation in mining is now coming from every boardroom and meeting rooms sessions.

In last few years, Innovation through technology in mining is catching its pace and application of Internet of things (IoT) becoming common in our day-to-day mining operations. Be it a smart bore hole, driver-less trucks, mapping by drone or smart vaults and vents, mining industry surely does catching up with the technology.

In order to bring momentum in Mining Innovation we  need to change current mindset toward innovation in Mining Industry. We need to create an environment where Innovation is not just mere lip service but way of life.

When it comes to Innovation in African mining industry, most of it is limited to development of  continuous mechanized mining that too with imported machines and technology resulting in higher cost of mining, lower economic growth, reduced employment in mining.

In order to have a sustainable mining,  it is needed to build an innovation ecosystem within Africa that can reduce cost of mining by applying local technology, encouraging entrepreneurship within local talent via collaborating with International players and innovators.  To develop local talent and technology, intensive to attract talent towards Mining Innovation need to be in place. Currently in Africa we don’t have a open platform where we are educating young entrepreneurs, Mining Engineers, Geologists  for Mining Innovation. We not only need to educate people in mining sector about Innovation but we also need to build an awareness toward innovation at university level in order to involve  young talent pool in the process.

This can be achieve by following simple rules of engagement,

  1. Create a mindset for Innovation with collaboration from other industry. According to CEMI (the Center for Excellence in Mining Innovation) report we already have more than 70% of the technology needed to overcome current mining challenges. By encouraging a cross-disciplinary working group focusing on problem solving in Mining we can achieve faster solution at reduced cost.
  2. Encouraging local entrepreneurs and inventors to come up with the solution for typical mining challenges.
  3. Building a consensus of innovation in Mining through workshops and training.
  4. Encourage SME culture in Mining Innovation.

We at Mining Innovation Portal believe by opening up dialogues for innovation and creating work group to implement innovation in Mining this can be achieve. We are inviting industry leaders to join us in this movement and  lead us towards Innovation excellence in Mining.

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We inviting Mining industry leaders, individuals, govt. local and international organization involved in mining, innovation and sustainability  to come and join us to build a better sustainable mining place through technology and Innovation.

Let’s think Innovation, Let’s rethink Mining.