Mining Innovation serves as a platform for collaboration and networking for innovation in the mining and geoscience sector. We are the team of experienced mining and innovation professionals aiming to create an enabling environment for innovation in the Mining.  Our mission is to make Africa a hub for Mining Technology.  We actively promote new technology and internet of things (IoT) in the mining; we provide insight reports on the latest technological development and help companies to source solution where needed.


Our mission is to create a Mining Innovation Hub in Africa that lead the mining innovation through open innovation and collaboration.

  • Develop Innovation Hub for Mining
  • Source Technology Solutions for Mining
  • Develop Mining Innovation Enterprise
  • Build an awareness about open innovation in mining
  • Involve students and community members for innovation projects
  • Develop focus groups for mining challenges.


At Mining Innovation, is to create an enabling environment for collaboration and innovation in the mining sector. We believe through continuous dialogue within the industry, support by industry leaders this platform can become a knowledge hub for mining technology, where  new ideas can thrive and  collaboration happen. Development of this platform will also need support from government, universities  and local innovation hubs.

We serve as networking platform for people involve with innovation in mining. Our diverse database consist of innovation and technology champions across the industry.

We spreading the innovation education in mining through regular blogs, social media platforms and by hosting workshops and events. According to CEMI (the Center for Excellence in Mining Innovation) report  more than 70% of the technology needed to overcome current mining challenges is already out there. We serve as a gateway for such technology for mining industry. We continuously scouting for new technology and solution and matching them to current mining challenges.

We are buys  engaging universities, innovation incubators, mining companies and community leaders and leading IT companies to helps us develop an Innovation ecosystem for mining in Africa.

Ways to get involved

  • Become a Sponsor or Partner: Mining Innovation actively seeking Industry partners for our Innovation Hub projects.
  • Become Innovation Change Agent: Are you some one passionate about mining innovation, we are always looking for team player willing to give their time and efforts to build culture of innovation in mining.
  • Content Contribution: We believe knowledge is spread by sharing. Are you an Innovation consultant, Mining Industry leader share your work experience, insights and learning via blog post. Let we all learn from each other experience.