We want to create a crowd sourced learning environment in Mining Industry. Currently,we are busy building a network platform for those involved in Innovation in Mining Industry.

Current economic status in mining is forcing us to think out of the box and adopt from our surroundings. In order to succeed we not only have to focus on in-house innovation but it’s time we all start collaborating, sharing our ideas, innovate and create an environment where knowledge sharing become part of life. Crowdsourcing is revolutionizing IT, Finance, Education, and Government sectors. Leveraging these collaborative practices and tools creates disruptive businesses and transformative innovations, this is time Mining Industry should also adopt and innovate.

Our aim is to create an enabling environment for this much-needed collaboration and Innovation in Mining Sector.

Time to time we will also be hosting networking events where people from mining industry can meet, hold dialogues, and simply learn from each other.

The success of this platform depends on the collaboration of all stake holders involved. Any suggestion, idea, and contribution to make it a success are equally welcome

Check out this video presentation to learn more about us.



Want to take part, drop us an email at info@mininginnovation.co.za